Download: “A SAD JOKE TO LAUGH ABOUT” by Omale Rex

“A SAD JOKE TO LAUGH ABOUT” is not just a gallery of poems and expressions. It’s “A MOVEMENT FOR ARTISTIC RELEVANCE”, with free and nonconforming expression of ideas.
It’s a collection of my reality, ideas and emotions, with subject matters on free will/thought, life, mental health, love, fate, religion, death, revelation and much expressed reality.
It’s a collection of ideas against conformity.
A SAD JOKE TO LAUGH ABOUT” is a gallery of expression & tranquility(a collection of poems) by myself, with a few others to share my vision with. This is a gallery of poems and expressions that is set out to get the reader/audience by surprise, with the use of unblurred expression of ideas and feelings, figurative expressions, mind in depth imagery, free use of language to decoy the reader into a rollercoaster of uncertain, wild, untamed, unconforming reality
“A SAD JOKE TO LAUGH ABOUT” consists 12 insane, unbelievable, nonconforming poems and expressions in a gallery of pictures, you’ve never seen this before. It’s an honour to work with the creative minds on this gallery of poems and expressions, I couldn’t be more proud of them, their motivation, dedication and support to push this forward. It’s an incredible joy to put a few of my thoughts, ideas, experiences on papers to make this happen.
This is the POEM LISTING, featuring two of my favorites poets/friends. It’s an honour honestly.

I put in a lot of myself into this project and I want to share all of it with the world, if given the chance to.



Chaos, confusion, pain, death.
The genre is ‘tragedy’.
The stage is set.
Location: Earth.
Lights! Camera! Action!
Plot twist, our scripts have become a jigsaw puzzle.
Earth has laid her complaints against us,
now we are being confined behind the screen.
Imprisoned in prison.
Behind bars, there are no titles,
no hierarchy, no power, just prisoners.
The warden knows not mercy.
Every other day inmates are taken,
some tortured and brought back broken,
some executed,
some are ticking time bombs,
even though we are all fully armed for any explosions.
The cold breathe of death still makes
the hair behind our necks stand erect.
Goes the bombs, yet, the clocks on the walls are the ones being watched.
Abated, humanity waits patiently restless for it to strike “END 0′ CLOCK”.
The time when the director yells CUT!
and this mysterious misery is put to an end.




I received an inscrutable epiphany of tomorrow’s tragedy.
This revelation in perception of the adversaries.
Death, like medicine to the weak; it’s panacea.
Sorrow and pain, the songs of the musicians of tomorrow.
Good was futile, evil prevails all round.
Days were nights as the light seized to shine or blink.
Pain, the motto driven by the ones who dominate.

Erstwhile, life was beautiful as stars were its eyes.
Now darkness rides it horses in the minds of the young.
An elixir for continuous suffering was made in our hearts.
Therefore, even in the face of light, darkness ironically gleams.
The light is obscure to our heart as it silently beats.
We fear to breath, even the thought of life is gone.

Listen, the heart skips a beat.
Red, the sky’s at day.
A reluctant shade from darkness it is at night.
Still sweet sorrow tastes most satisfying.
Pain plus anger; equals the direction your flashy heart drives to.
Erstwhile, death is first on our requests.

By Omale Rex



I’m what you hide from when you need a lie
and what you run to when the truth is lost.
SANITY is that voice in your head that questions truth, lies and peace.
SANITY isn’t the truth, neither is it a lie,
it’s the state of mind that exist before and after either.
Either loss of your sanity or the restoration of it.
Insanity is only the sanity you’re afraid of, nothing more.
In sanity, you’ll find insanity patiently waiting for its time.

I’m Certain, I’m SANITY.
I’m clarity. You’d find me in the deepest oceans of your fear.
You’d run into burning flames just to find me.
SANITY is my consciousness in person, an idea of my consciousness.
Don’t ask me if I’m honest, I’m an artist.
Don’t ask me if I’m what I say I am. I’m a writer, not God.
I’m God’s vision, the devil’s hope, only the godly would get to see.
Made in Heaven, made for Hell.
They’ll call me “insane” but I’m Certain, I’m SANITY.

By Omale Rex