I got flowers today,
God I hate flowers.
He’s supposed to know this.
I mean, what am I supposed to do with them?
The first time he got me flowers,
He said he just wanted to make amends.
The night before that day,
We had a huge fallout and he hit me.
Well he got me flowers again.
How didn’t he remember that I don’t like flowers?
Really, all these while he hasn’t been attentive to the things I say.
This better be the last time he gives me flowers or I die.

What amends are these flowers for?
What cut’s so deep that she got me flowers again?
She had me head over heels only to get me crashing down in despair.
A thousand flowers: roses, lilies, daisies,
wouldn’t cover-up the hurt behind these flowers.
When Mama died, everybody brought flowers.
Even her enemies came to the grave with flowers and smiles.
She bought me pain and trapped it up in flowers.
Nothing good comes with these flowers.
How much did it cost?
A thousand misery and a million tears.

By Mae & Omale Rex



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