Welcome to my treacherous mind.
In here there’s no safety, no foresight,
No circumspection and no providence.
But you can’t see it unless you walk blind.
No rules, it’s a Jungle.
You have to keep your emotions safe
or my words will haunt them.

No warning, it’s all befalling.
No warning, but you can smell the danger.
You will need your nose for this,
just to hold your breathe.

No thoughts for an eclipse.
If I cam tell a lie, I’m not being honest.
If I can tell a truth, I wish I could tell a lie,
Because you’ll need to lie down and hide.
You’ll need your mouth to scream when my words come for you.

It’s a carnival when my emotions come for you.
I’m the Hunter, your feelings would run from this.
But my words are bastards, a thousand crimes they commit.
Don’t expect an apology, life’s doesn’t apologize.
What does the time say?
“It’s a carnival for carnivores”.

By Omale Rex