Download: “A SAD JOKE TO LAUGH ABOUT” by Omale Rex

“A SAD JOKE TO LAUGH ABOUT” is not just a gallery of poems and expressions. It’s “A MOVEMENT FOR ARTISTIC RELEVANCE”, with free and nonconforming expression of ideas.
It’s a collection of my reality, ideas and emotions, with subject matters on free will/thought, life, mental health, love, fate, religion, death, revelation and much expressed reality.
It’s a collection of ideas against conformity.
A SAD JOKE TO LAUGH ABOUT” is a gallery of expression & tranquility(a collection of poems) by myself, with a few others to share my vision with. This is a gallery of poems and expressions that is set out to get the reader/audience by surprise, with the use of unblurred expression of ideas and feelings, figurative expressions, mind in depth imagery, free use of language to decoy the reader into a rollercoaster of uncertain, wild, untamed, unconforming reality
“A SAD JOKE TO LAUGH ABOUT” consists 12 insane, unbelievable, nonconforming poems and expressions in a gallery of pictures, you’ve never seen this before. It’s an honour to work with the creative minds on this gallery of poems and expressions, I couldn’t be more proud of them, their motivation, dedication and support to push this forward. It’s an incredible joy to put a few of my thoughts, ideas, experiences on papers to make this happen.
This is the POEM LISTING, featuring two of my favorites poets/friends. It’s an honour honestly.

I put in a lot of myself into this project and I want to share all of it with the world, if given the chance to.


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