“Image of God”
You’re not made in God’s image like the rest of us, you’re synonymous to God. I worship you er’day, I question my existence when I’m without you. I close my eyes to talk to God, I open my eyes & you’re right there. I would rather not be than be without you. You carry my cross & still ask me if I’m comfortable. You make life mean more than it should. Cuz I have you I feel sorry for everyone else. My smiles, tears, laughter, shame, sorrows, you’ve seen it all. I couldn’t be more human with you. Mount Everest wouldn’t get me as high as you do, with you I’ve reached my peak. These designer jackets couldn’t warm me up like you do, when your body’s close to mine I don’t need no blankets. Talk about expensive things, your laughter is my most valuable possessions. Your presence is the best gift I can ever ask for, I’m helpless without you. Home isn’t the four corners of this bedroom, it’s me & you together. Peace isn’t just the absence of war, it’s me & you loving & obsessing over each other.

By Sanity “The Insane”


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