“The Forbidden Fruit”
Tell God I’ve eaten from the forbidden fruit. Now, my eyes are finally opened & I can see what you’ve been trying to hide from me. I’ve sinned cuz I’ve seen you. Tell me what knowledge is greater, I’ve study your true form. My eyes have captured your sexiness & I can’t think of anything else. My lips have tasted your sweetness, now my tastebuds fail me. My pen has experienced your divinity, there’s nothing more intriguing to write about. My reality is you, my dreams don’t fascinate me no more. Tell God I’ve seen it all. The vast ocean, it’s in how wide your legs spread. The infinite universe, it’s in how open minded you are. The scotching sun, your body’s always on fire when I stare. The wondrous sky, it’s all in you. Tell God I’ve seen it all. Your body is the map to Heaven, I have to explore every part of it to find my way back home.

By Sanity “The Insane”


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