“Let there be Light”
We hate & fear the dark cuz we hate the truth & fear the unknown but Darkness was here first, Light is the intruder. Darkness was the first & brightest of all creation, the world was formed from its making, the existence of darkness gave purpose & essence to light which gave reason & meaning to other creations but light gets all the glory. So you get why darkness can’t stand light, but the truth is they’re lovers, beautiful tragic lovers. Darkness is constantly intrigued by Light’s ability to give beauty & life to everything it was made to hide & demean, while Light is astonished by Darkness’s ability to still have half of eternity no matter how bright it shines. Like Romeo & Juliet, they’re the opposite of one another but they’re exactly the same. They both need each other for glory, existence & purpose yet they don’t want each other cuz they know they can’t have each other cuz coming together would kill ‘em both & end their purpose. It’s a beautiful tragedy. “Tragic” cuz they yearn for each other, as the day can’t wait for the night to show up & undress itself while it sits & watches from afar wishing it could have a glimpse of the night’s beauty while the night looks forward to the day sweeping it off its feet with its sunrise, but they can’t have each other. “Beautiful” cuz they’re both the reason for each other’s existence & without one the other wouldn’t have glory or any purpose. Light is beautiful but intrusive cuz out of nowhere it was formed to compete with Darkness & demean its relevance. Darkness is also beautiful but no one gets to see, its guarded, sad & distructive cuz it suffers from the heartbreak of God’s making of Light.

By Sanity “The Insane”


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