I love it when you send me random pictures & videos of your body,
It’s my favorite gift to receive.
I love receiving nudes.
Send me your nudes on my birthday,
send ‘em on Valentine’s Day,
send ‘em before my morning devotion
so I can add you to my prayers
so God can bless you with more sexiness
so you can bless me with more nudes,
send ‘em when we’re far apart
so I can have you on both of my minds.
Sens your pictures,
my gallery is your museum
cuz you’re a work of art.
Don’t hoard what you already have in abundance.
Keeping these body, pictures & videos
from me won’t make me want you more,
it’d make me want you less
cuz I’d believe you don’t want me enough to keep me.

By Sanity “The Insane”


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