I love that I love enough. I make sure I exhaust all the love in me today like there ain’t no tomorrow. I make sure I enjoy & create art with my experiences & emotions. Buying gifts, sex, saying “I love you” countless times, numerous “good morning” & “I’m sorry” texts, calls, kissing & going on dinner dates are all basic & don’t really mean “love” to me. You can do all that for/to me & I wouldn’t care or feel a thing. It’s been done before, so many times. Be irregular, unconventional, creative, ment. Give or show me something no one else has given or shown. Love differently. I loved my first/only/ex girlfriend so much I wrote poems & essays for/about her everyday then I personalize an IG page just for her & made her the center of my artistry. That’s my love language. An Asshole like me made his heart a fucking gallery of love just for love. You can’t find that elsewhere. These other people do the same thing, no creativity, nothing different, nothing that hasn’t been done before. I’m no regular lover, I love different. I’m the type of person to create a novel or a collection of essays or poems, or make an album of photos, or write a song just to say “I love you” instead of just using actual word. That’s my love language. I’m the kid that wrote love poems & had my English teacher post ‘em on the school’s Notice board every week for Creative reasons, but secretly, I wrote ‘em for/to my secondary school crush just so she could always read & remember how much she clouds my thoughts every week. Besides, we were prohibited by the school to write love letters or have relationships, so I made my own technique. I’m weird. That’s my love language. “I want to be your artist, you my art.” That’s how I say/show “I love you”. When I love, I either make art with/for you or I make you my art; my muse. I’m no regular lover, I love different.

By Omale Rex


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