I’m what you hide from when you need a lie
and what you run to when the truth is lost.
SANITY is that voice in your head that questions truth, lies and peace.
SANITY isn’t the truth, neither is it a lie,
it’s the state of mind that exist before and after either.
Either loss of your sanity or the restoration of it.
Insanity is only the sanity you’re afraid of, nothing more.
In sanity, you’ll find insanity patiently waiting for its time.

I’m Certain, I’m SANITY.
I’m clarity. You’d find me in the deepest oceans of your fear.
You’d run into burning flames just to find me.
SANITY is my consciousness in person, an idea of my consciousness.
Don’t ask me if I’m honest, I’m an artist.
Don’t ask me if I’m what I say I am. I’m a writer, not God.
I’m God’s vision, the devil’s hope, only the godly would get to see.
Made in Heaven, made for Hell.
They’ll call me “insane” but I’m Certain, I’m SANITY.

By Omale Rex



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