You think death comes in a dark robe
with a haunting face and a terrible outlook.
Death could come in your greatest desires
and addictions, even in your biggest dreams.
Death could come in those perfectly shaped boobs
and ass, death may be seductive,
maybe in those drinks and wines or cigarettes you take,
maybe in your beliefs and practices.
Death could be as relaxing as your morning tea or coffee,
or in loving touches from your lover.
Death could be in your closest friend.
Death could be your greatest achievement,
the last piece that completes it all.
Like a poet finding the perfect ending to an imperfect poem, even, the beginning to an untold story.
Don’t paint Death in colours of darkness.
Death doesn’t have a terrible image, like temptation, death comes in our greatest desires, addictions and fears.
Death is the bridge between light and darkness.
Death is the photographer and we’re the images.

By Omale Rex


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