First time I read Dan Brown’s “Angel & Demon” I prayed for days for repentance.
They made me believe anything written with that much logicality is blasphemy.
Logic & change is blasphemy where religion stays.
I could be writing about God & post a naked woman’s picture, is she not His work?
“Stop acting like you’re more than dust.”
What if you are?
You know you fail God if you don’t have the courage to taste life, you fail God if you think everything on earth is to take you back to heaven & not a Heaven itself.
God is all those speeches that don’t get said.
God is the mystery that’s unknown.
All black men believe in God but just a handful of whites do and same white sold it to us,
now they changed products and selling something else like “science made us”.
Truth you’ll never hear is how political religion is; religion is created for order,
religion is the King of order in the archaic political world, it’s their never old tools of control.

Religion has bred more wars, destruction and killings than any vices.
Yet, we build the strongest foundations on Religion.
The most chaotic, yet, the holiest.
Where darkness is fought, yet, where it originates.
God’s way BIGGER than your thoughts of Him.
All these things you say He’s against is because you don’t see the BIGGER picture.
We’re too little to have a description of the Almighty, and His decisions, desires and will.
Religion would tell you “when it’s good it’s God, when it’s bad blame the devil.” Who the hell
told you the devil made hell and darkness?
Don’t cover-up for God, he doesn’t need your excuses, He is God.
He can do what so pleases Him.
He created more than religion, allow me grace in His diversity.
I know you want too but religion, your preacher, prophet, etc. won’t let you enjoy the rest of
God’s creation, so you choose to call it sin.
God made it all, I’m sure he won’t mind where and in which of His creation I find comfort.
The truth is religion is more of a business, they’ve sold to a large number of us.
They’ll call me blasphemous due to my nonconformity to their ideas and the box they put my Father in.
He’s my God, not some people’s God.





  1. Mathew Idowu says:

    This collection is a masterpiece & so proud of my bwoy channeling his emotions out in a way that pushes others to pour out their emotions triggered by words they felt shouldn’t or couldn’t be said. Art is saying how you feel, “polish your words when you can polish your hurt” and this collection full of crystal clear words.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omale Rex says:

      Forever grateful to everything & everyone that inspired this collection. I was at a very low period in my life, I felt sad, lonely, & unsure about everything cuz everything I did seemed wrong or like a mistake. This collection means alot to me cuz it was the only way I could channel how my emotions, the only way I could truly express myself, express how I was feeling cuz I don’t talk much.
      Big love bro for being on this journey with me. You’re always here to make this journey a blissful one for me. It will all make sense in the end, I promise.


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