I’m aware of your desires to touch the sky
and the entirety of the ocean.
But have you ever paused your desires
to sip a thought of mine?
I’m handsome, charming and sexy enough to desire the stars
and a thousand galaxies where my thoughts can’t imagine.
I deserve a romantic woman; one who’s head over heels for me.
One who kisses me on my forehead and neck,
not one who always waits for me to make the first move.
One who calls me to tell me about a joke that cracked her up,
not one who calls me because she’s bored.
One who takes me for strolls or dates just to watch me fool around,
not one who wants me to be someone else for her.
One shares her tastes in music, nature, literature and culture with
me, not one who only wants to get me pissed or share her worries just to
test my interest in her.
I deserve compliments, tell me how I make you feel warm and fuzzy like
the beach sand on your feet in Summer.
How my presence is like the rise of the morning sun.
Call me what’s not or insane but I deserve all these.
Every woman wants to be loved, cared for and cherished,
they want a man to help them touch the sky or give them the feeling.
But so many women lack true understanding of their men or how to treat them.
So many don’t know how to offer the same “pleasures and privileges” they get from their partners.
Because I am male doesn’t exclude me from all these sweetness and desires.


By Omale Rex


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