These pills don’t function no more,
but I rather have them
than live with the jokes of my mental health.
This mental state isn’t a place for me,
but it’s way better than this ill society.
Still people expect me to act normal,
like that’s not ill enough.
The truth is, no one is truly as armed as a sane person.
What’s my crime?
Mental illness is crime now.
The victim isn’t endangered, but, the dangerous one.
These thoughts hunt me, so does everyone else.
But I’ll rather hide from humans,
than run from my negative thoughts,
for they are evenly comforting.
All these pain and depression pricks through my tormented heart,
but what people may say tears it into pieces.
Don’t not be afraid, I come in peace.
The alarm rings, they have come for me.
Every hope and believe they take away.
I seek for peace, yet, I drown in pain.
My sanity shall reveal when we all go insane.


By Omale Rex


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