“The Garden of Eden”
You’re not an afterthought. You’re God’s initial intention. Everything created before you needed something to compliment it; an afterthought. The heavens needed the angels, the day needed the sun, the night needed the moon, the ocean needed sea creatures, the sky needed birds, the vegetation needed someone to eat them, the animals needed someone to name them, the first man needed a companion; you, you needed nothing but what was already made. God made it all for you as a birthday present, what compliments & complements you is God. You’re the last piece that cements it all. You’re not made from the first man’s rib, don’t let men belittle you, God had to take a part of Adam just to make you a little more human cuz the plan was to make you just like God. Eden is a love letter to you. You’re the “Garden” of Eden; the light in the dark, cuz out of you the rest of the world is created.

By Sanity “The Insane”


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