My feelings were homeless, no hope.
You gave them a home, all my desires you sheltered.
You’re the best feeling I’ve ever had,
better than alcohol and drugs.
I love when we get drunk in love.
You’re all my weaknesses combined,
but I’d still go to war to keep it all.
You’re the chains I’m tied to, the escape I cannot refuse.
You curse me with your love,
only to bless me with your ocean-like expressions.
You’re the pain I wish to receive
for your eyes hold the antidote to my worries.

I never said my heart was vacant
but you broke in and made it yours.
My heart has been robbed
and now I can’t find my heartbeat.
Turned it into your temple,
and your worshipper I became.
God wouldn’t be vexed
if I worship him a day less just for you.
I stared into your eyes,
and I saw love laughing at me,
because I would fall for you like a failed rocket
test into the ocean of heartbreak.
Love kills, pain heals. I’m already dead.


By Omale Rex

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